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Con A 603 Hepanamin Herbal Supplement

Con A 603 Hepanamin Herbal Supplement


The scientific name or this herbal plant commonly known as “Mik Thistle” is Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn., which belongs to Asteraceae cirsium family. This plant got its name name “Milk Thistle” because when it was harvested and processed, the stem and leaves produced a milky sap that flows out of the leaf veins of the stems in a silvery white strips. The ideal conditions for planting this particular herb is in the warm, dry and sunny atmosphere. Milk Thistle is native to Southern Europe and North Africa. In the European country, it is often used as traditional folk herbs, for the treatment of kidney and liver diseases. In additional to Europe, North America, and Australia country, Taiwan too have also started to cultivate this herb.


Milk Thistle contains variety of flavonoids components, including Silybin, IsoSilybin, Silydianin and Silychristin. These components are known as Silymarin, which has hepatoprotective effect and can be extracted from the Milk Thistle seeds. It contains about 60 – 70% of Silybin, which is the main active ingredient of Milk Thistle.


Milk Thistle is the world’s oldest and one of most widely studied herbs. In the past two thousand years of history, it is used as a medicine to prevent or treat liver disease.

4 B.C.

A.D. 1st Century

The extracts of Milk Thistle have been used

  • The ancient Greeks have been known the features of Milk Thistle in the treatment of liver and gallbladder diseases.
  • Gaius Plinius Secundus has proposed that the sap of Milk Thistle mixed with honey can “eliminate excess bile”.

A.D. 16th Century

Milk Thistle was considered to have a good effect on depression

The end of A.D. 16th Century

The juice of fresh roots and seeds can be used to help eliminate bile and gallstones. It was the most popular drugs on the treatment of gallbladder diseases.

A.D. 17th Century

Nicholas Culpeper (a pharmacist) has proposed that the treatment effect of Milk Thistle on liver diseases.

A.D. 1965

Silymarin have be analysed, and become a common drugs.


Due to the limitation on oral absorption rate of Silymarin. It is currently classified as OTC drugs (Over-The-Counter, Non-prescription drugs) in Taiwan, China and Germany, and as a health foods or supplements in other countries.


Silymarin is the most potent ingredient to help maintain a healthy liver and gall bladder.

European and American studies have indicated that Milk Thistle contains a variety of flavonoid components, collectively known as Silymarin, which can function as hepatoprotective and the main active ingredient is Silybin (or called Silibinin). Further studies shows that after tested on both human and animals who had consumed Silymarin, the liver, gallbladder and bile contain highest amount of Silybin. The properties of Silybin was absorbed and maintain the longest on these three organs. Thus, Silymarin is the most potent ingredient to protect and maintain a healthy liver and gall bladder.

Since the main active ingredient Silybin (or called Silibinin) is insoluble in water and oil, thus this cause for low oral absorption rate of Silymarin in humans. This was was the biggest bottleneck in the treatment and prevention of hepatobiliary diseases. Currently, there are 99 international scientific papers attempts to solve this problem. For example, the implementation of new technology breakthroughs to significantly improve the bioavailability of Silymarin, This will be the key point for future research and also to overcome the low oral absorption rate of Silymarin in human body.

Innovative biotechnology techniques can effectively improve the low absorption rate of traditional Silymarin. In addition to increase the bioavailability of Silymarin, it also can help in maintaining the natural biological structure of Silymarin.


Who needs ConA 603?

  • People who have liver disease or fatty liver problem, and who are hepatitis B & C virus carrier.
  • People who have poor control on blood sugar or diabetes patient.
  • People who wish to prevent cholestasis, cholecystitis and gallstones.
  • Cancer patients and those undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy (Protect cells & reducing damage).
  • People who have poor kidney functions or those undergo dialysis.
  • People who needed to take chronic medicine (Chronic Disease Patient).
  • People who have the symptoms of alcohol poisoning (Often drinking / heavy drinking).
  • People who have unknown causes of anemia (Those needed iron supplements).
  • People who have skin allergies or itching symptoms due to hepatobiliaty disease.
  • People who have atherosclerosis problem and low LDL-cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol).


  • People who concern about prevention and wish to maintain good health.
  • Vision care and frequently or easily fatigue.
  • Prevent emotional instability (In the 16th century, silymarin was proven to prevent depression).
  • People who have poor sleeping quality or taking sleeping pills.
  • People who often exposed to or working in toxic chemicals environment.

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Con A 603 Silymarin


Clinical study on treatment or prevention the following diseases:

  • Liver dysfunction, bile synthesis and metabolism, fatty liver.
  • The damage effects of chemotherapy drugs to the heart and liver, and the recurrence of the diseases.
  • The damage effects of alcohol and toxic chemicals to the liver.
  • Damage caused by hepatitis B or C virus.
  • Cholestasis, gllstones and gallbladder inflammation.
  • Skin allergies or itching symptoms triggered by hepatobiliaty disease.
  • Side effects of high blood sugar and hypoglycemic drugs.
  • Cardiac atherosclerosis and reduce cholesterol.

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